Richard Mille RM 62-01: A Masterpiece of Innovation and Aviation Elegance
RM 62-01

Richard Mille RM 62-01: A Masterpiece of Innovation and Aviation Elegance


In the illustrious realm of horology, where precision meets elegance, the RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ is a testament to Richard Mille’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. This masterpiece, a harmonious collaboration between Richard Mille and Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), is a symphony of extreme functionality, discretion, and inspiration drawn from aviation, embodying the philosophy of functionality and performance that Richard Mille exemplifies.

A Symphony of Complications and Innovations

The RM 62-01 is revered as the most complicated watch ever created by Richard Mille, designed meticulously for travelers and international jet-setters. It is a grand complication timepiece that exemplifies extreme functionality and is designed for daily wear and use. The watch is equipped with a UTC indicator for a second time zone, an oversized date at noon, and a power reserve indicator at 11 o’clock, catering to the nuanced needs of business travelers.

The Silent Alarm

One of the groundbreaking features of the RM 62-01 is its silent, vibrating alarm, a feature developed over five years of research and development. This alarm is a marvel of discretion, transmitted by vibrations only perceivable by the wearer, ensuring that the notice does not affect the watch’s movement. This feature uses an offset weight in solid gold, inspired by the vibrating function of mobile phones, making it a revolutionary addition to the world of horology.

Aviation-Inspired Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the RM 62-01 are deeply rooted in aviation. The watch inherits distinctive lines from the RM 50-02 Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph ACJ and is inspired by the dark wood paneling from bespoke cabin interiors. The sapphire glass is shaped like an airplane window, and the titanium crown resembles a jet turbine, creating a seamless fusion of aviation and horology. The double bezel, satin-polished titanium, and one Carbon TPT® add to the watch’s allure, making it a coveted piece for watch enthusiasts.

Limited Edition Masterpiece

The RM 62-01 is a limited edition piece, with only 30 details available worldwide, making it a rare and exclusive masterpiece. Priced at $1,225,000, it is available exclusively at Richard Mille boutiques, allowing horology connoisseurs to own a piece of Richard Mille’s innovative spirit and Airbus Corporate Jets’ aviation-inspired aesthetics.


The Richard Mille RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ is a harmonious blend of innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. It is a beacon of horological excellence, offering watch enthusiasts a journey into precision, elegance, and groundbreaking features. It is not just a timepiece but a narrative of Richard Mille’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unique, exclusive objects of desire.

Inviting Horology Enthusiasts

To all the enthusiasts of the intricate world of watches, delve deep into the revolutionary realm of the RM 62-01. Experience the convergence of aviation-inspired aesthetics and groundbreaking features. Let this masterpiece by Richard Mille and Airbus Corporate Jets be your companion in exploring the nuances of horological excellence.

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